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Wirex BitcoinCardThe true embossed Wirex VISA prepaid credit card is issued by Contis Financial Services Ltd of England and Wales.

It is one of the few crypto cards that can call itself a true Bitcoin credit card. As in addition to Euro, Dollars and GBP also the sending and receiving of Bitcoin and Litecoin is fully available.


The Wirex credit card in detail:

  • Free Account (eWallet)Wirex
  • Currency account (EUR, USD, GBP, Litecoin and Bitcoin)
  • VISA prepaid credit card with real embossing
  • Pay anonymously and securely and receive money
  • Account abroad
  • Deposit via various Altcoins possible
  • Cash at the machine withdraw only € 2.25 fee
  • Pay in business worldwide for free
  • Сryptoback ™ - Bitcoin worth 0.5% on every purchase in the store
  • Website: https://wirexapp.com

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Deposit money:Join for Free

The Wirex account can be charged by credit card and various Altcoins (40) from the attached list.
Deposit money by bank transfer, should soon be possible.
These Altcoins can be used to charge the Wirex account:
ANT - Aragon | BAT - Basic Attention Token | BCH - Bitcoin Cash | BLK - Blackcoin | BNB - Binance | BNT - Bancor | BTC - Bitcoin | CLAM - Clams | CVC - Civic | DASH - Dash | DCR - Decred | DNT - district0x | DOGE - Dogecoin | EDG Edgeless | ETC - Ether Classic | ETH - Ether | GAME - GameCredits | GNO - Gnosis | GNT - Golem | GUP - Matchpool | KMD - Komodo | LTC - Litecoin | NMR - Numeraire | OMG - OmiseGo | POLY - Polymath | POT - Potcoin | QTUM - Qtum | RCN - RCN | RDD - Reddcoin | REP - Augur | RLC - iExec | SALT - Salt | SC - Siacoin | SNT status | STORJ - Storj | SWT - Swarm City | VTC - Vertcoin | Wings - Wings | XMR - Monero | ZEC - Zcash



Withdraw money:

You can pay anywhere with the Wirex credit card where VISA is accepted, whether online or in stores worldwide.
Of course you can withdraw cash with the card at any ATM where VISA is on it. The withdrawal fee is only € 2.25 within the EU and € 2.75 outside. The daily limit is limited to 250 €, which is still quite acceptable.



Crypto Back ™Join for Free


With the Wirex-Cryptoback ™ Reward Program, you receive a 0.5% Cryptoback ™ for every purchase in the store that uses the Wirex credit card.
In other words, those who spend a lot of money on their Wirex card in shops will be refunded a 0.5% Cryptoback ™ credit each time.
These can then be redeemed from 100 satoshi and paid out on the BTC wallet.



Limits and fees:


The limits of the Wirex card in detail:

  • A maximum of £ 7,500, € 8,000 and $ 10,000 is allowed for the card, with no limit on the Wirex wallet.
  • The cards can be charged indefinitely up to the maximum amount. So there is no monthly or annual limit.


The fees in detail:

  • Account maintenance fee: 1.00 £ | 1.20 € | 1.50 $ depending on the card
  • ATM withdrawals in Europe: 1.75 £ |  2.25 € | 2.50 $
  • Pick-up fee outside Europe: 2.25 £ |  2.75 € | 3.50 $
  • Pay in the shop: Free



In which countries can the Wirex account be opened?Join for Free


The Wirex credit card is currently issued in the following countries:
Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania , Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom
The list of countries where Wirex is available is continually expanding.



Shipping the Wirex card:

The order and shipping of the Wirex credit card is free. And it usually takes up to 10 working days for the card to be in the mailbox.



Instructions to open and verify the Wirex account:Join for Free


In order to use Wirex eWallet to the fullest extent and to be able to order the associated VISA credit card at all, one should take a few minutes for the verification after the free registration.

The fastest way is:

        • 1. Register
        • 2. then log into the Wirex account
        • 3. Navigate to the Getting Started section on the left
        • 4. Click Verify Now.
        • 5. Please verify the phone number first
        • 6. Upload passport and document home address


That's about it .... if everything fits, there will be a notification via email about the success of the verification.Tip: Should not it work the first time with the verification. You may use other documents or send a ticket to the support.





Wirex offers its members the opportunity to earn additional Bitcoins through the affiliate program. You earn 10% of each recruited affiliate signing up through your affiliate, 10% in the first year, and 5% of the gross total in the second and third years.

It may be worthwhile to recommend Wirex further. Any revenue that a recruited partner makes is immediately posted proportionately in Bitcoin to the Bitcoin wallet.



My Wirex experiencesJoin for Free


If you take the time and complete the verification process, you will get the optimal solution with the Wirex account and the credit card.
The card not only impresses with the design and embossing, but also the functions are impressive. You can choose from 3 cards in the following currencies USD, EUR or GBP.
Where in most cases the EUR card should suffice.

The special thing about Wirex is that you have a Bitcoin and Litecoin Wallet in addition to the 3 currencies (EUR, USD, GBP) in one account. So you can receive, send and hold crypto-currencies at any time and exchange them in Fiat currencies without any fees.
Charging the card is easy, self-explanatory and fast. Whether by credit card or with one of the 40 Altcoins.
Paying in the shop or withdrawing cash at the machine works smoothly.

My conclusion:

Wirex should be interesting for every crypto fan. Turning Bitcoin into cash is no longer a problem!





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