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AdvCash Kreditkarte

The AdvCash MasterCard is issued by the company Wavecrest Limited on Gibraltar and has a real embossing. The eWallet to the card is in English and is in the following currencies: Dollar, Euro, Pound Sterling and Ruble.

Payment and payment via various payment providers, e.g. Bitcoin, PAYEER, Payza and Co. are possible, which is why the account is used by internet marketers.



The AdvCash MasterCard in detail:

    • Free account (eWallet)AdvCash Card
    • No monthly or yearly fee
    • Send money via e-mail to other users (free of charge)
    • High acceptance and safety
    • Currency account (USD, RUB, EUR, BTC)
    • Pay anonymous and securely and receive money
    • Prepaid MasterCard credit card in USD and EUR
    • real embossing
    • 24h E-Mail-Support
    • Represented in more than 200 countries
    • Free deposit and withdrawal facilities
    • Website:

Sign up for free with AdvCash ...



Join for FreeLimits and fees for AdvCash:


AdvCash LimitsThe AdvCash eWallet has no monthly or yearly fees. However, if you would like to order the Prepaid MasterCard in EUR or USD, you will pay only 4.99 EUR or 4.99 USD within 7 days. Afterwards, the order of the card costs 14.99 EUR or 14.99 USD, which is now also acceptable.

At the cash machine, the withdrawal of cash with the AdvCash credit card costs a fee of just 1.99 EUR / USD, which is absolutely necessary for a prepaid credit card.

The limit for deposits and withdrawals is 90,000 EUR / USD per month, which is quite high compared to other providers. This means that incoming and outgoing payments are limited to EUR 3,000 per USD per day.

Because of the high limits, the card is very popular with Internet marketers, e.g. Bitcoin into cash, to pay off commissions on it and of course also to pay in shops, websites etc. both online and offline.




Deposit money on the AdvCash eWallet:

  • VISA or MasterCard (3,95%)
  • Various payment providers
  • Bank Transfer
  • Bank SEPA
  • Received money from a website



Join for FreePayout options for AdvCash:

  • Worldwide free of charge direct transfers by Geldexpress to each
  • Anyone who has sent an e-mail address.
  • A real Alternative to Westernunion and Moneygram!
  • pay directly to your bank account
  • Payment to a website
  • VISA & MasterCard
  • With the AdvCash MasterCard at ATM




Advantages / disadvantages



The AdvCash account is especially interesting for users of websites, forex, poker and gaming platforms on the Internet. Since most of these platforms have already worked with Paymentsystems like AdvCash for several years, which makes it easy to pay in and pay out, and you can immediately have the amount / amount paid.


Actually, if you are aware, the AdvCash is not a giro account. There is also no deposit guarantee for foreign accounts.



Convert bitcoin to cash?Join for Free


With AdvCash, it is no problem to convert your Bitcoin credit into cash. You can transfer daily up to 10,000 EUR / USD and then simply pay off with the credit card at the cash machine up to 3,000 EUR / USD per day.

No matter what supplier you are. Just send Bitcoin to your wallet address and you can withdraw up to 90,000 EUR / USD per month with the AdvCash credit card at the ATM.



In which countries can an AdvCash account be opened?


The AdvCash account can be opened worldwide in more than 200 countries, all of which are resident and resident in the respective country.




Refer a Friend Join for Free/ Affiliate Program


If you want to make extra money, the AdvCash Partner Program is the right choice. Here you have the opportunity to earn more than 5 levels with your advertised partners.
You will receive Lifetime 20% on the fees of your referenced partners and their partners.



What do you have to do to earn money with AdvCash?

  • Register for free
  • Log in
  • Copy the link in the backend
  • Send to friends and acquaintances
  • That's all


The commissions are booked immediately and you can dispose directly.






24h Support


The AdvCash team is available 24 hours a day through support ticket and responds very quickly. Support is available only in English or Russian.




How to open and verify the AdvCash account:

AdvCashIn order to use the AdvCash eWallet to its full extent, you should take a few minutes for the verification after the registration. The registration with AdvCash is easy and in few steps done.

The following is to be done to register correctly with AdvCash:

1. Account Type: Select Personnel

2. Now we fill out all fields to the person, first and last name, e-mail and password.

3. Slide slider to the right and click on tab

That's it already!


In the back end you can still have your passport and a current invoice from the phone. And is then fully verified in about 1-2 days. Also for people where not so good English, everything is quite easy to find.




Conclusion: Join for Free


Who has to transfer money in different currencies or has a lot on international websites deposits or withdrawals, for which AdvCash should surely be very interesting as a payment provider. Since I myself pay a lot on websites and also pay off, my experiences with AdvCash have so far been positive.

Here you can open the AdvCash eWallet free of charge...




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